Candidates Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the most successful temp agencies in Miami, The Staff Agency™ finds temp assignments for many contractors every year. Yet, we realize that before you sign on with us, you may have some questions. So, here are some answers.

Q: What types of jobs does The Staff Agency specialize in?

A: From light industrial work to administrative jobs in corporate offices, The Staff Agency™ fills a wide variety of positions ranging from entry-level to senior management blue collar to white collar to green collar.

Some of the major business sectors we work with include

  • Advertising
  • Accounting
  • Entertainment/Hospitality
  • Warehouse/Light Industrial
  • Wireless Telecommunication
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Fashion/Design
  • Banking/Finance
  • Real Estate

Q: Does The Staff Agency represent a diversified workforce?

A: We make diversity a priority—finding assignments for bilingual and multilingual candidates on a daily basis. Well spoken English is a must.

Q: What should I bring with me to the initial interview?


Two (2) hard copies of your resume

A list of professional references

Two (2) pieces of identification (such as a driver’s license, passport, social security card, birth certificate, federal or state ID, voter registration card, school ID or Military ID) Click link for a list of acceptable documents.

Q: What does the interview process entail?

A: If you’ve applied online and been contacted for an interview, a Staffing Specialist will then meet with you in person to review your job history, skill strengths, education and career goals to determine what type of clients and/or positions you’d be right for. They’ll also find out what you’re looking for—and how best to get it. You will also be asked to complete an online skills assessment using the website, Prove It!

Q: How long does the interview take?

A: The interview typically lasts 10-20 minutes and is followed by the Prove It! skills test, if you haven’t completed it previously. To facilitate the process of getting started, we ask that you please fill out the entire application online before coming in for your interview.

Q: What happens after our interview?

A: After the entire interview process is complete, we actively search for positions that best suit your needs and skills. In addition, we recommend that you email your Staffing Specialist when you’re available for assignments.

Q: How should I dress?

A: Your appearance will be critically important in your job search—even when interviewing in our office since our Staffing Specialists tend to think like our clients think. So please dress professionally.

As far as dress requirements for an assignment, you’ll always be expected to wear appropriate business attire whenever on a client’s premises. To this effect, your Staffing Specialist will define what “appropriate” means in advance of any job.

Q: Will The Staff Agency offer me benefits?

A: No, because you work as an independent contractor.
Contact a Staffing Specialist now to learn more.

Q: Do I need to work a certain number of hours?
A: It’s usually a minimum of 6 hours per day. But will also depend on the individual circumstances of your placement.

Q: Am I allowed to work with other TEMP STAFFING agencies, as well?

A: You do not need to work exclusively with The Staff Agency™ while you are signed on with us. However, we do ask that you keep us posted whenever you’re available…so that we can keep you working continuously.

Q: How soon after joining The Staff Agency can I expect to A JOB ASSIGNMENT?

A: This depends on several factors. Ultimately, it could be several days or several months. It really depends on the job orders we have to fill, your desire and most importantly, your overall suitability to our clients.

Any further questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

Email: [email protected]