Advance Preparation


Below are four key questions you MUST know how to answer persuasively in advance of any interview. This will not only give you the material needed to build a strong resume, but will help you maximize your interview potential and networking opportunities, as well.

1. What kind of job are you looking for?

Understand exactly what position you’re targeting—and what those job duties usually entail—so that you can immediately demonstrate to prospective employers that you understand the position you’re applying for. On a resume, this could be your “Objective.”

2. Why are you qualified to do it?

That’s the summary or “Professional Profile” section. This is where you outline the skills and credentials that qualify you for the job. You can break your skills into functional sections or use bullet points to highlight key points. If this section is done properly, it will convince prospective employers that the rest of your resume is worth reading.

3. Where have you done it?

That’s the “Experience” section. The reader needs to know who you’ve worked for, the city and state where they’re located and what you did while there. Ideally, your job descriptions should include many active verbs and focus on keywords and functional skills that are most relevant to your job target.

4. How well have you done it?

The best accomplishments are those that demonstrate quantifiable results and your willingness to go “the extra mile.” Did you come up with an idea that saved the company money? Were you promoted because of your team building skills? Were you selected for a key program because of your positive attitude? Whenever possible, describe how you improved an employer’s bottom line (i.e. doubled sales, cut costs, reduced errors, streamlined processing or improved efficiency.)

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